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HURRY! Two VERY LAST-MINUTE Landowner Tags For Monster Oregon Mulies
Safari Nordik Under Review by Quebec Office Of Consumer Protection
Last-Minute Bighorn Opportunities Available
Hunting in Zambia Was Never Banned – What Zambia’s Latest Announcement Really Means
Minnesota DNR announces 2014 Wolf Season, Drawing
BC Outfitter On Trial For Wildlife Violation
What is Being Done to Change USFWS Decision on Zimbabwe Elephant Import Suspension
PH Gored by Buffalo in Mozambique
Decisions Imminent on Elephant Import Suspensions
South Africa Delays New Document Requirements Affecting Family Safaris
Netherlands Customs Fails to Deliver Firearm Transit Permits On Time
Urgent News for Hunters Headed to Zimbabwe’s Save Valley
Texas “Drawn Hunts” Goes Online Only, Expands Opportunities
Utah, Wyoming Leftover and General Tags
Two 2014 New Hampshire Moose Auction Permits Up for Grabs,
Oregon Leftover Roosevelt Elk Tags and OTC Tags
USFWS Issues Import Permits for Sulaiman Markhor
Botswana Trophy Shipment Delays Should Be Resolved
SCI Suspends Booking Agency Launch
SCI Creates Hunting & Travel Booking Agency
Urgent Call for Elephant Conservation Details in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
Urgent Call for US Hunters Taking Elephant in Tanzania and Zimbabwe in 2014
USFWS Officially Announces Immediate Suspension on Imports of Elephant Trophies from Tanzania & Zimbabwe
Breaking News: What the New Mexico Nonresident License Change Means to You
President of Zambia Appoints New Minister of Tourism, Possibly Opening Way Forward for Closed Hunting Concessions
Warning to Hunters Flying on Delta/KLM
Expect Hassles over Firearm Transit Permits From The Netherlands

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Flack Hunts Ethiopia: Omo Valley Venture; Balé Mountain Miracle

The hunt takes the viewer on two hunts to the Omo Valley, in the southwest, for lesser kudu, tiang, Guenther’s dik-dik, Newmann’s hartebeest; and the Munessa forest and the Balé Mountains southeast of Addis Ababa, for mountain nyala (two) and Menelik’s bushbuck.

This short film is Peter Flack’s attempt to capture the essence of his safari f.......

Flack Hunts Namibia: Namibia Revisited

The hunt takes the viewer to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park and Etosha Pan in the southwest for gemsbok; Omitara, in the north for springbok; and the Waterberg, in the northeast for black-faced impala and Damarland dik-dik.

This short film is Peter Flack’s attempt to capture the essence of his safari for his family. As such, it is much more than.......

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In The September Issue of The Hunting Report Newsletter
Zambia: A Good Option for Hunting Sable and More on Private Land
For the last year, I have been reminding readers that hunting in Zambia is not closed, despite lion and leopard hunting being closed and 19 concessions remaining unallocated. I have provided specifics on the various open concessions and private reserves and ranches (both fenced and free-range) offering some great hunting opportunities.....
In the Editor's Sights: The Importance of Filing Negative Reports
We hear all the time how much our subscribers appreciate the way we handle negative hunting reports (we call them "controversies", giving both sides the opportunity to address the specific issues of a hunt gone wrong, keeping the issues specific and objective rather than personal.....
Zimbabwe: A Warning for Elephant Hunters and a Review of Hunting Nuanetsi
In Zimbabwe, I hear that some US hunters have chosen to hunt elephant despite the import suspension by US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), and some operators and agents have suggested they leave their trophies in Zimbabwe until the suspension is lifted.....
Ethiopia: Word from Jason Roussos on “Ham Slam” Hunts including Giant Forest Hog
This past July I told you how PH Christophe Morio was offering hunts in Central African Republic targeting giant forest hog and several other pigs for a Pig Slam of CAR (see the July article). You'll recall I mentioned that giant forest hog is only available in CAR, Cameroon and to a lesser extent in Ethiopia. Since then I have heard from Jason Roussos of Nassos Roussos' Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris with news of a huge giant forest hog taken by client Malcolm King this past February. He says the monster pig should be the new SCI number 2.....
Ethiopia: Two Perspectives on a Mountain Nyala Hunt with Northern Operations Africa
Editor's Note: Mountain nyala is a true "specialty" trophy among the spiral-horns. At present, only five outfitters operate hunts for this species. We have a new report on a mountain nyala hunt with Northern Operations Africa (305-733-1873; email: from subscriber Craig McDonnold. In Report 9754, McDonnold describes a very successful hunt in the Bale Mountains along with his hunting partner, fellow subscriber J.C. Hurt, in late February.....
Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick: More Draw Disappointment Cures in Eastern Canada and Ideas for 2015
Editor's Note: In our July and August issues, North American Editor Mike Bodenchuk offered some last-minute hunt options for hunters who missed out in the western permit draws. If you are still looking for that last-minute hunt (or looking ahead to 2015) Editorial Assistant Justin Jones has unearthed a treasure trove of hunts available in eastern Canada.....
United States: Antlerless Hunts Offer Fun, Cheap Alternatives
Editor's Note: While the vast majority of our subscribers at least dream of traveling to the far corners of the world in search of exceptional trophies and unusual hunting experiences, the truth is, we are all hunters first and foremost. Most of us are deeply committed to conservation and wise use of wildlife; we are often in a position to introduce others to our passion; many of us love to cook and consume wild game; and we'd all love to be in the field more without busting our budgets.....
New Zealand: Found! One North Island Destination and Package Price for the Big Five Deer
Editor's Note: New Zealand correspondent Greg Morton reports that Poronui, a respected New Zealand lodge, is now packaging an estate hunt for five deer species. He recommends June through August as the right timing for this hunt, so it's time to start planning for next year. Enjoy!....
Briefly Noted: HuntMap Offers Useful Hunt Unit Maps for Western States
As a professional biologist who grew up in the west, I've been lucky enough to be able to hunt in every western state. Often, I've studied maps, statistics and done my homework to identify when and where to apply for permits.....
Briefly Noted: “Big Time Texas Hunts” Raffle
We've reported on Texas public hunting options for drawn hunts and our Important Deadlines column this month details some of their deadlines for specific categories of hunts. There is one other public hunting opportunity for Texas, and it's important to highlight because one of the hunts is for a desert bighorn sheep.....
Briefly Noted: Well-known BC Outfitter Charged with Wildlife Violation
Abe Dougan, of Big Boar Outfitters in Kamloops, BC, is on trial in federal court on more than a dozen hunting-related charges. The charges stem from an alleged cross-border poaching incident that took place in 1999.....
Outfitter Critique: Successful Self-arranged Tur Hunt in Azerbaijan; Plus, A Positive Report On Global Safari
Subscriber Kevin Ciavarra sent us a report (9738) on a sucessful Dagestan (Eastern) tur hunt in Azerbaijan this past June. One of Ciavarra's party arranged the trip through a family connection, which makes this our first report on a self-arranged hunt in Azerbaijan.....
Outfitter Critique: A Rave Review for Whitetail Deer Hunts with Lucky Outfitters
Subscriber Bob Nancolas says he has found a great semi-guided whitetail deer hunting outfit in southern Illinois. Nancolas hunted last November with Matt Farrell's Lucky Outfitters (; 630-201-4106).....
Outfitter Critique: More Hunting Opportunities in Romania for Brown Bear, Roe Deer and Boar
Last month (see article here) we ran a report from subscriber Michael Brooker on a value hunt in Romania for big Eurasian brown bear. Right after going to press, we received two more subscriber reports on hunts in Romania, both on recommendable outfitters that haven't appeared on our radar before.....
Controversy: More Failures to Deliver Hunts from Safari Nordik
We have covered a number of complaints from hunters on Safari Nordik in Quebec, including fully-paid hunts not delivered as promised and hunts paid for but not delivered at all (see previous articles in ourMay and June issues). Since then, we have received two more reports from hunters who had booked with Safari Nordik and paid in full, but who have not gotten their hunts.....
Controversy: Missed Flights and Undelivered Trophies on Cameroon Hunt
Mexican subscriber Ramon Llano is very unhappy with the fallout from an elephant hunt in late May and early June of 2012 in Cameroon with Ngong Safaris (see report 9780). As he tells it, "This was my third hunt with Ngong Safaris and PH Borge Ladefoged, who owns the company. We had a successful hunt, I shot a very nice forest elephant, but things started to go wrong when our charter flight never arrived when the safari was finished.....
Info Please: Request For Information On Tropical Whitetail Opportunities
One of our subscribers has his sights set on a trophy tropical whitetail and has asked for more information. ....
United States: Important Deadlines
Here are the important permitting developments to watch for this month in the US.
Compiled by Mike Bodenchuk, North American Editor
More Reports
(Editor Note: Over the past month we have received reports on hunts in the following parts of the world. All of these reports have been added to our files and are available to you as an E-Mail Extra subscriber. Just click on the ID number for the report you would like to see and you can view the full text in our database. Enjoy!)
Conservation Force: Final Zim Finding: Most and Best Available Information Ignored
Editor’s Note: This month Regina Lennox, Conservation Force staff attorney, analyzes the information US Fish & Wildlife Service failed to consider in its most recent decision (shortened version). - JOHN J. JACKSON, III

The July 22, 2014 negative enhancement finding by US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) claims to be an “updated finding” and “the result of an analysis of this more recent information [received] from Zimbabwe and other sources,” such as Conservation Force and Zimbabwe safari operators. It is not.

The enhancement finding discusses only a small portion of the material provided by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) and Conservation Force. It discusses little of the information in ZimParks’ response to an April 4, 2014 USFWS inquiry (ZimParks’ response). Instead, the finding consistently reuses language from its April 17 predecessor – indicating no “update” occurred. In at least a half-dozen places, it relies on documents USFWS apparently already had......

Will Your Firearm Go Hunting With You this Season? Or Will the Airlines Eat It?
Barbara Crown, Traveling with your hunting firearm gets more difficult every year, thanks to ever-changing airline policies and government agency regulations. Right now, thousands of hunters are either finalizing travel plans for this fall or are about to get on a plane for the African safari season this summer. The question is: will their guns get to their final destination with them? Or will the airlines refuse to check them through?
Read Post »
See Barbara's weekly video interview on
The American Trigger Sports Network

Hunting Down Under
Greg Morton, A good picture is worth a 1,000 words so here is the equivalent of 3,000 words from Northern Territory, Australia. Profile article to follow.
Read Post »

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09/04: Safari Nordik: Undelivered Hunts, Request for a Government Bailout:
Safari Nordik: Undelivered Hunts, Request for a Government Bailout
08/22: Trophy:
Buffalo, Cape taken in Zimbabwe, by Alan Wilson
08/22: Trophy:
Buffalo, Cape taken in Zimbabwe, by Alan Wilson
08/22: Trophy:
Puku taken in Zambia, by Wilson W. Crook
08/22: Trophy:
Bushbuck taken in Zambia, by Wilson W. Crook
08/22: Trophy:
Puku taken in Zambioa, by Wilson W. Crook
08/18: Trophy:
Hog, Giant Forest taken in Ethiopia, by Malcolm King

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Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu, the Top African Antelope

Hardcover with dust jacket
292 pages, 400 color photographs
Published by Rowland Ward Publications, 2012

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu, the Top African Antelope, edited by Peter Flack, is the first in a five-book series covering all the spiral horns and is designed to be the definitive book on hunting the six species and su.......

Hunting Icons of Africa

Hardcover with dust jacket
436 pages outstanding color photographs, 320 pages
Published By Rowland Ward, 2009

Hunting Icons of Africa represents the culmination of Peter Flack's five decades of hunting dedicated to the African continent. Having experienced literally hundreds of safaris in 15 African countries, he is un.......

Hunting the Spiral Horns – Eland, Everyman’s Elephant

Hardcover with a dust jacket
336 pages, 350 color photographs and 40 black and white
Published by Rowland Ward Publications, 2013

This is the second in a series of books about the spiral-horned antelopes of Africa. Peter Flack, with the help of many other authors, gives us a rich mosaic of the world's largest antelope, the eland. Hundr.......

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bushbuck – The Little Big Buck (Limited Edition)

Limited edition, signed, quarter bound in navy leather with matching slip case
400 pages, 450 color and 33 black and white photographs
Published by: Peter Flack Productions, 2014

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Bushbuck - The Little Big Buck, edited by Peter Flack, is the third in a five-book series covering all 30 spiral horn s.......

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bushbuck – The Little Big Buck (Standard Edition)

Hardcover with a dust jacket
400 pages, 450 color and 33 black and white photographs
Published by: Peter Flack Productions, 2014

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Bushbuck - The Little Big Buck, edited by Peter Flack, is the third in a five-book series covering all 30 spiral horn species and subspecies (recognized by both Rowland Ward.......

Flack Hunts Tanzania: Tanzanian Travels; Machani Safari

The hunt takes the viewer to the Rungwa River in the southeast for lion and sable; Masailand for fringe-eared oryx, Grant’s gazelle, gerenuk and Kirk’s dik-dik; along the Moyowasi and Malagarasi Rivers in the northwest for sitatunga and bushbuck; and a brief glimpse of the Selous for Lichtenstein’s hartebeest and Nyasa wildebeest.

This shor.......

Flack Hunts Cameroon: Into the Heart of Darkness

The hunt takes the viewer to Lognia camp in southeast Cameroon for western bongo, bay duiker, giant forest hog, red river hog, dwarf forest buffalo and rain forest elephant.

This short film is Peter Flack’s attempt to capture the essence of his safari for his family. As such, it is much more than a collection of one-shot animal kills. This .......

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